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Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual was developed by Jacob Hiller. Jacob Hiller is very popular trained who has trained many professional dunkers, Olympic athletes, NBA, College and high school players for over ten years now. The program can help you increase your vertical jump by approximately three inches within just three months. In the Program, Mr. Hiller breaks down the vertical leap into nine different elements, which are; hereditary factors, body composition, flexibility, form, balance, fuel, neurological recruitment, quickness and strength. Breaking down the leap into these nine elements allows you to target each and every facet of your vertical jump and that is why it has actually proven effective in increasing your jump.

The training program is made up of a guide that comes with a number of videos. The guide has more than fifteen sections. Among the topics that have been covered in the guide are; Explanation of the Max Explosion, The 9 Essentials Variables of an Explosive Vertical, the Laws of vertical Jump improvement just to mention but a few.

Is Jump Manual a scam

What I Like About This Guide

A brilliant collection of videos - The members’ area of the program has a full training video library that is full of videos that will guide you on exactly how to perform each and every exercise.

Extremely beneficial Nutrition Plan – It comes with an accurate nutrition plan outlining the best foods to eat to enhance gains and decrease injuries. I will show you exactly what you need to be eating so as to ensure that your body muscle is forever in building mode.

Full Workout Chart – this program also gives a full workout chart that teaches you exactly how to increase jump height using your workout routine.

One-on-one training – this is a very effective method to use to ensure that all your individual concerns are taken care of and that you have one hundred percent confidence in the program. This training is provided through email and it is truly very beneficial.

Money Back Guarantee – this program has a full sixty days money back guarantee. In the event that you get this program and its results do not satisfy you within the first sixty days of using it, you are allowed to return it and get back the full amount that you had paid for it.

The Jump Manual Program is far off from all your other everyday jump programs. You will not be required to severally repeat the same routine so as to get the results you are looking for.Instead, the program adopts a multi-faceted approach to enhancing your vertical leap. This it does through the nine elements earlier mentioned. Simply put, the Jump Manual Program is a very effective and comprehensive program that will get you the results that you need.

Does Jump Manual Work

The videos that are added to this program are of very high quality. This just goes to tell you that both visual and audio are very clear and you will get a very comprehensive and easy to follow guide from them. The quality of the videos without doubt eases your learning process.

Feedback from people who have used the program shows that it is both effective and intense. The customer support is also very good which gives you confidence in the program. The scientific approach it chooses to adopt towards exercise and nutrition clearly sets it far apart from all other Jump programs available in the market today.

Enhancing your vertical is a very important component of almost each and every sport today. It is vital that as an athlete you have the ability to lift off and get a serious high. Increasing your vertical can give you a very big competitive advantage; one that allows even those who are very short to get to heights that they did not think were possible.What can serve to assure you that these are just not sweet words but the actual truth are the credentials that Jacob Hiller holds. His reputation precedes him He has helped so many people get to the heights that they wanted to through his training and coaching. This simply goes to show you that he definitely has all it takes to help you too. His products are a quality program that is guaranteed to deliver on what you want it to.

The philosophy behind the program is quite simple; performing plyometrics and merely training your leg gets you an increased height but training done the right way will give you even better results. The approach of the Jump Manual that targets every aspect of the jump is definitely one that is unique and effective. No other program has given this much attention to the actual mechanisms that result in your jump.

How to jump higher should not be a question that is difficult for you to answer; especially not with the availability of this quality program from Jacob Hiller. Granted getting to jump higher is not easy; there is a lot that going into doing so. There are many factors that have to be considered. Doing it on your own could prove tobe a serious headache. Simply getting all the facts right; getting right the foods that you ought to eat and the exercises that you ought to engage in can take up a lot of your effort, time and money.

This however should not be the case for you. Getting to enhance your jump should not feel like rocket science, it should be as easy as ABCs.There is a professional who has already simplified it for you and all you have to do is follow what he is saying. The Jump Manual is without a doubt very different from all other programs available in the market today. It will save you all the stress, effort, time and money that goes into increasing your jump without the proper guide.

You do deserve to get that jump that will propel your career to the skies. Go out today and buy yourself a copy of the Jump Manual program. The results that you will get from it will be amazing and you can be sure that you will have made the best decision for your career ever.